22 Sep

Rio 2016 – It was awesome (Part 1) »

The Olympic/Paralympic madness came to a close this Sunday and we are very grateful that we were able to take some of our kids to see some of the games!
We would like to give a special Than

09 Sep

Volunteer Coordinator Katy from the USA »

Katy is our volunteer coordinator from Washington, DC USA, and she started volunteering in September 2015 and will stay until at least December 2016.

01 Aug

Volunteer Lauren from Canada »

Lauren from Montreal, Canada, started volunteering in February 2016 and I stayed until August 2016.

01 Jul

Volunteer Natalie from the UK »

Natalie comes from London and started volunteering in March and I stayed until July.

08 May

Positive Discipline – an Experience »

Priscilla Lisboa was a Short Term Volunteer in 2016 and she is excited to tell us a little bit about her experience with the Complementary Education Program and Positive Discipline

15 Jan

Teaching students that don’t exist »

– Please imagine that you are a child growing up in a favela in Rio de Janeiro. You live in one of the many communities separated from the rest of the city.